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Thread: Danger of teenage steroids

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    Danger of teenage steroids

    I just saw the video you uploaded and have watched multiple videos of yours in the past and have never thought to email you. I have been off of steroids for a year now and was stupid enough to let a friend influence me to do them from 17-18. I took a cycle of test e 250 and test cyp 250, first one followed by a pct and second one cut short because I got caught. I took a blood test 2 months after I was off of the second one and my levels were just getting back to normal. I have not taken anything since expect for a sarm for one month a while after that. I do not plan on ever getting back on a cycle for the rest of my life but was wondering if I should expect problems later in life. Any response would be appreciated.

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    i really cant answer that question.... more than likely, if you actually do stop, it wouldnt be likely for you to have issues as you get older... i cant say that 100% but chances would obviously be a LOT lower than if you were going to continue using steroids...

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