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Thread: Cyvle critique.

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    Cyvle critique.

    Hey fellas, just wanted some outside input on my fourth cycle. 30 yrs old, 5'7, 180, 11%bf. Im very familiar with test/deca/dbol but im going a new route.
    1-16 500 mg test e
    1-16 500 mg eq
    1-5 30 mg tbol
    1-16 aromasin dosage as needed eod
    Will be using organ st from dga

    Dga pct support
    Cardarine (all at regular dosage)

    Now for my questions. Id like to lean out but add as much size as possible, is there any other compounds that i would benefit from? Also, id like to start my hgh cycle. 3 ius 5 days a week. Should i start that first or would starting everything at once be an issue? First time for eq and gh so any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Pretty sure eq is normally dosed in the 6-800 range. And also the tbol might be better suited for a finisher rather than a kick start in the 50-60mg range for the last 5-6 weeks. I’m currently running it as a finisher in my cycle. I’m 2 weeks in and very pleased so far. Can’t speak on the hgh thing because I haven’t ever ran it either. Good luck to ya bro!

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    Right on, i didnt realize it was used on the tail end as a finisher. Thanks my man!

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    You don't cycle HGH it's a long term commitment.

    Watch this video...

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    Im planning on hgh for a solid year and judging results to determine if id like to continue. I guess it depends on your definition of cycle... Imo its still a cycle just much longer duration than other compounds. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the input and link!

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    you can start hgh whenever you want... that really makes no difference on your cycle... i would run eq at least 600 mg... you could run winstrol on the back end of the cycle as well OR you could run gw501516 and s4 on cycle to help get you leaner while still gaining size

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    Awesome! What dosage on the winny? Appreciate the advice!

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    50 mg per day

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    Sweet. Looking forward to this one!

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    Good luck

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