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Thread: Cycles of HCG and Proviron ?

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    Cycles of HCG and Proviron ?

    What do you think about running cycles of HCG and Proviron instead of Test?

    Prob asky why? Seems testosterone makes my blood thick and causes me to have a lot of discomfort. I go donate blood once a month and it helps but sometimes not always. Even if I’m running a low dose a TRT dose. I also take a lot of detox supplements and it helps a little bit not entirely. If I miss the 4 week window I start having breathing issues and chest pain as much as I love Test not sure if I can do it anymore. What do you think about cycles of HCG and Proviron? That’s should have some anabolic effects correct just thinking of an alternative.

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    I can see why you would want to run Proviron, but I'm honestly a bit perplexed on the HCG part. It seems like that would cause more harm in the long run than good.

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    i dont like it at all with the hcg.. hcg is suppressive and increases estrogen... i would never recommend this to anyone...

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    I would be taking arimidex or aromosin with it as I do know it can raise estrogen it does for me when I have used it in the past. I would b cycling it because I know HCG is suppressive as well wouldn’t be on it for long periods of time. My thought process on taking the HCG with the Proviron is to raise my total test levels giving the Proviron more test to convert into free test.

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    i dont like it one bit but thats your call... i would never recommend that to anyone

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    I would only do it for fertility not performance enhancement. I’ve read Pubmeds that suggest low dose Clomid was actually better for an alternative TRT. Most guys were getting 8-900 TT with 25mg eod. I’ve been curious about doing Clomid 25mg a day and proviron 25mg a day just to see the results but haven’t yet

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    My doctor about 10 years ago had me start taking aspirin due to family history. I naturally have thicker blood, high red blood cell count. If I don't take it religiously I can barely run a mile without getting winded and feel lethargic. When I take it every day I can tell a difference. If you haven't tried maybe see if that can help. Some people don't like the idea of it but my numbers are always good when I take it. Also turmeric supposedly helps if you have an allergy to aspirin

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    Yes I have just started looking into aspirin as a supplement to help with my blood issue. I have blood work to be done this weekend and a meeting with my doctor to see if we can figure this out. I really don’t want to come off of Test but at this point I can’t keep going on like this. It’s weird it didn’t start happening until this last year when I switched testosterone brands. I mean it didn’t happen as bad anyways.

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    You can try it but it's not something I recommend. Testosterone is a natural hormone made by the body. If you don't react well to it run it low and let other compounds shine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    You can try it but it's not something I recommend. Testosterone is a natural hormone made by the body. If you don't react well to it run it low and let other compounds shine.
    I’m only running 125-150 mg of Test right now and having that issue.

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