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    Help cycle

    Hello Dylan I'm a 51 year old ironworker from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania let me start by first off saying I appreciate your passion for The Human Condition and you're genuine care and concern for people's well-being that being said I've always kept my body in good shape I'm 6ft 175 lb and over the years of construction I've done it a considerable amount of wear and tear on my body and I'm wondering if it's short beginner cycle of Dianabol testosterone enanthate and finish up with four weeks of nolvadex is advisable and are you able to give me a website for some reputable pharmacies thank you for your time and keep up the good work yours truly

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    no thats not advisable at all brother... your first cycle should be test only to start with... however i dont see the reason or the need for you to be using steroids? what exactly is your goal and your reason?

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