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Thread: sarms PCT

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    sarms PCT

    Hey Dylan , For research purposes. My mouse will be taking S23 and RAD 140 , at 46 years old . Taking arimistane during 8 week cycle than clomiphene after for as long as the cycle lasted . As well as a OTC PCT . Advice on compounds used . As well as PCT . I’ve watched a shit ton of you tube , sometimes it’s overload . Just wanna my test subject to get the full benefits . This’ll be 3 cycle . T tanked on last May 5 T was 20 June 5 after PCT which was an OTC went back to 247 . Thank you ,

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    bro, before i even go further, please, dont say "your mouse" it just sounds so absurd that i cant even take the question serious...

    i dont advise anyone to ever use s23... if you use s23, you need a test base and you need a full pct because its basically a steroid and beyond that, it has very little research and studies done on it so you really dont have much of any clue what you are even getting into... there is no reason to be using arimistane either... arimistane is an aromatase inhibitor and you are using sarms, which do not convert to estrogen... so more than likely you will crush your estrogen in the process...

    do you realize that 247 is a horrible number for total test...

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    SARMS pct

    Dylan ,
    I’m knew to forums , so I was trying to be careful on what I said by using mouse . Noted will not ever reference that again . Yes I realize that T levels at 247 suck . Like I said I have another blood draw next month . I’m sure it will be up where it needs to be .
    Thanks for the arimistane comment. I already have 2 bottles each from Guru peptides of S24 and RAD 140. I can’t pin any test , my wife will divorce me , she’s not thrilled with SARMS but deals . I watched your u tube tutorial on S23 realizing the compound isn’t a SARM . I have it so I’m def going to try it . What suggestions does any one have on what to take during cycle so my levels just flat out don’t tank. I thought the RAD 140 being a testolone would work well as far as having some exogenous test . Apparently I don’t know what I’m taking about .
    So what to take during cycle and will cloniphene after be a good enough PCT .
    Thank you

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