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Thread: cycle of test, masteron, EQ, and anavar for 5 weeks

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    cycle of test, masteron, EQ, and anavar for 5 weeks

    Hi Dylan,

    I have been watching your videos and I am definitely a fan. Thanks for all the great content!
    Quick question:

    I’ve been on a cycle of test, masteron, EQ, and anavar for 5 weeks (low doses as I am a beginner). I got really dry and tore a pec muscle a week ago. I can still work out everything except chest. I am thinking to add some Deca to get my joints and muscles to retain a bit of water. What do you think?

    If this is something I need to pay you for please let me know, I would never ask for anything for free.


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    You are gonna get this so I might as well help you out.

    Post full stats. Height, weight, BF, cycle history, age, etc...

    You will get zero answers until you do so

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    If you're a beginner then there's no way in hell you should be running four kinds of juice and considering adding a fifth.

    Not to mention you thinking about adding deca 4 completely wrong reasons.

    You're running Mast and you're asking if you should run Deca in order to retain water. What research have you done on how these compounds work?

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    Fahhk I completely missed that he already started...

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    what? good lord man... why on earth are you running this many compounds on a first cycle????? FUCK NO you should not add deca.. wtf man? you need to stop everything now... you have zero clue what you are doing and you are going to severely hurt yourself...

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