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Thread: cycle of superdrol and sustanon

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    cycle of superdrol and sustanon

    I want to know what supplements/vitamins to take while running a cycle of superdrol and sustanon. I know from your video on superdrol you said itís the most liver toxic oral so do you think milk thistle is enough? And would you recommend any other supplements to help protect your kidneys while on cycle.

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    milk thistle? superdrol would laugh its ass of at milk thistle... you need to protect liver, blood pressure, kidneys, cholesterol etc... thats just the start... im not sure you really know what you are getting into here...

    what are your stats? age/height/weight/body fat? cycle history?

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    Age: 22 (I know you suggest no one in there early 20's should use anabolics)
    height : 5''11'
    weight : 185
    body fat : 13-14
    previously I have ran full cycles of test e Winny anavar, cypionate anadrol tren (with AI's of coarse), clen here and there to tone up the last few weeks of a cycle.

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    noone here is going to advise steroid use to you at that age brother, sorry but this probably isnt the place to ask.. i wish you nothing but the best but thats not anything we advise here whatsoever

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    Too young for steroids bud. I'd recommend looking into sarms

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    I was your age once, and started training even younger. My point is this: The thought of using steroids at a young age was something not many people were doing in my circle of friends. 1. It was VERY expensive, nothing like the prices of today. 2. Most of us were plain scared. Everything you read in 89 and into the 90ís told you you were going to get cancer and die! Iím not sure what the hell I would have done if I was 22 today. The good thing is, you can get all the information you need to make your own decisions. Just one more thing, stay away from tren man. Leave that stuff for the expirenced guys, and the pros. Just my two cents buddy.

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    I know a guy that took Methylstenbolone, superdrolís younger brother (half potency) and only used milk thistle. He had to get off after 3 weeks of half the normal dose because his liver was freaking out.

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