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Thread: Cycle suggestions

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    Cycle suggestions

    First off let me tell you my situation. I'm 5'6 198 pounds I've already done a few cycles over the last 4 years. I have my own home gym so I'm not affected by gym closures. Okay now I have stocked up on different anabolics for a bulking cycle and would like your opinions. Here what I have for orals I have dbol, provivron and superdrol. Test I have cypionate 200, 250, and sustanon 250 enough for 12 to 16 weeks. I was thinking of stacking it with deca but I also have trenbolone which I used on my last 2 cycles. Finally my 3rd compound which I have not tried but thinking about incorporating is DHB and equipoise. Anyone here got any opinions on what I should run? Thanks guys very appreciated

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    what compounds have you used in the past? how old are you and what is your body fat?

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    I'm 42 I have used tbol, anadrol, cypionate, enanthate, tren and deca. Bodyfat I'm around 13 to 15%.

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    if your bulking and you have never used dbol, then test, deca and dbol would be very ideal... you could add eq too but thats up to you

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    Haven't used dbol yet or EQ. I was miserable using tbol and anadrol. I hated those morals. Had major headache and occasional nose bleed probably from high blood pressure. Drop those and finish the deca and tren enanthate. I do have no side effects from tren. This was my last 2 cycle. What is your though on proviron?

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    thats orals for you bro... if you want to avoid orals go with test, deca, eq and proviron... if you had trouble with tbol and anadrol, your going to have trouble with dbol too... i love proviron and generally recommend it on any cycle

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    30mg proviron ed, sustanon 250 twice a week, 400 deca a week and 400 EQ a week. Thoughts dyaln?

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    i would go 350 deca, 50 mg proviron, 600 eq

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    With what you have I would run Test/EQ/Proviron. Deca would be awesome and I would sub that in for EQ if you had it. Personally I struggle to bulk on tren. It cause too many gut issues that I always struggled to get enough food in to bulk. With your past experience, I would definitely stay away from the superdrol as it is extremely harsh. You could try dbol at a low dose and see how you react. It has a short half life so if headaches started you could just drop it.

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    I do also have deca on hand. The cycle I was considering was what Dylan suggested. Sustanon, deca, EQ, and proviron for 14 to 16 weeks maybe more. Have dbol at 10mg and superdrol at 50mg. Superdrol I'm a little worried about doing maybe someday. Might be a little concern with blood thickening from deca and EQ.

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