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Thread: cycle of LGD-4033 closing phase (last bottle)

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    cycle of LGD-4033 closing phase (last bottle)

    Currently about to finish my second bottle of lgd and going to move onto the 3rd and final bottle in a few days. i have been running it at 10mg/ ED since day one of cycle. was wondering if i should up dose to 12 mg or continue to finish out the cycle at the same 10mg ed.

    any help appreciated

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    DO NOT go any higher than 10 mg.. period... please don't have that more is better mentality because it will bite you directly in the ass if you do

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    Stick with the 10mg per day dosed in the am protocol. No reason at all to go higher

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    let me know if you have any further questions...

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    cool thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by danc12345 View Post
    cool thank you
    anytime bro

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