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Thread: Don't be like me

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    Don't be like me

    Don't wait until four days before the end of your cycle to double check if you still have a bottle of Nolva left over from your last PCT (I didn't). But if you are like me then make sure you order from sarms 4 sale because you will have a smartly packaged bottle delivered by 2nd Day priority mail in your mailbox with a nice note from Ashley with a day to spare.

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    There crazy fast. I ordered on a Friday evening and recieved my package on a Monday..

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    Glad to see you got taken care of. Good lesson to have everything on hand before starting a cycle. Super important with your PCT.
    ***Canadians, hit me up on Wickr Mobile (MasonicBB) for my steroid source***

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    thats awesome bro... they are well schooled on things like this and know there are many emergency situations like this and they will always have your back!

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    S4S bailed you out!

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    It's always smart to have it available long before the end of your cycle. Supplies are not that easy right now.

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    always reliable !

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    Ha yup always be prepared I?m lucky that I have a local source I can get anything within 24hrs but back in the day I found myself waiting on that package in th a mail and hoping it got here in time lol

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