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Thread: cycle help needed.

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    cycle help needed.

    Ok so im 32 on trt year round. Just finished running 6 weeks of tren ace at 75mg ed with 50 mg of anavar. Great gains were made but had to cut the cycle short cuz my dick stopped working. Anyway been running just test at 500 mg per week and prami for about 2 weeks to try and reset my system. I want to get everything back to normal before i blast my next cycle. How long should i wait? The next question is how do i use what i have to make the most of it.

    Unlimited test enenthate
    50ml tren ace 100mg per ml
    20 ml deca 250mg per ml
    20 ml sustonon 400 mg per ml
    20 mil primo 1oo mg per ml
    100 tabs anavar at 25mg per tab.
    80 tabs of dbol 10mg per
    Cjc1295 w dac and without
    Albuterol tabs

    Ancillary i have now
    Caber on the way

    I know its alot of shit but i would really like to know what some of the experts think.
    Stats are im 193lbs at 10% bf.
    4th cycle.
    Any advice is welcome. Thanks fellas.

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    To make the most of it ? You are already a decent size and 10% BF ... What exactly is your goal who do you want to be when you look in the mirror ?

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    Everyone wants to be bigger and leaner i think. At least i do. Would like to get to 215 then get down to about 5% bf.

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    Man, that damn Tren will fuck you up! I had the same prob.
    I'll never touch the shit again. It just isn't funny when your junk stops working!
    But if you on TRT then You won't do pct correct?
    For me it was about 2 months before I was fully back. I think you'd be wise to wait on the blast at least 3 months.
    I'm surprised you had that prob while still on cycle. I had problems post cycle. You were running Test with the Tren & Var right ?

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    I want to look in the mirror and see 215 of shredded beef.

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    Was the shit straight dead like cialis and viagra didn't even bring him to life ?

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    Yea i was running test at 500 a week and tren ace at 600mg per week. Everything was great. Sex drive was awesome then everything went to shit.

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    No viagra worked. Just wont stay hard like before. Its kind of hit or miss right now. Prami seams to help. Got caber on the way. Ran 5000 iu of hcg to see if that would help but naw still bugging me.

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    Viagra worked great to make him hard but didnt improve my drive.

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    For me, I ran back to back PCT. And used cialis to help.
    But nothing helped with the sex drive but time. Eventually I got it back.
    Be careful not to overdue it with the Aromasin. Too low E will also have same effect.

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