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Thread: Cycle help

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    Cycle help

    I am 5.9 wt 182.5 bf 15% My previous cycle was 12 weeks dbol , test , deca. Gained abt 10lb muscle. Lost about 5lb muscle after cycle.I am planning a new cycle for cutting using Anavar 50mg, test prop 100mg eod, proviron 50mg x 8 weeks

    1. Should i decrease dose of any of the compounds esp test prop?

    2. For preserving muscle with a daily 500 calorie deficit, is the dose sufficient?

    3. Is adding dbol 10 mg for 2 weeks ok if i wish to add extra strength?(2 orals already so can it be v toxic)

    4. Can I expect some muscle gain despite calorie deficit?

    5. I was adding exemestane 12.5 mg eod. I was in dilemma as provirion acts as anti estrogen is exemestane needed?

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    Gotta ask age first and how many cycles have you run?

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    I am 36 yo. Had run 8 cycles. Deca test dbol cycle was my most recent one 3 m ago. While i had been off cycle for 2 yrs before that one. Thanks @awm

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    36 yo. Had 8 previous cycles. But have been off for 2 yrs. The test deca dbol cycle was most recent one finished 3 m ago.

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    Ok I would say run some pre-cycle bloods to make sure fully recovered.

    I mean its not a bad cycle. Test prop looks like its going to average around 350mg/week which is very reasonable. Anavar at 50-60mg is a good dose too wouldnt really change that. Proviron is also one of my favs and is not liver toxic so could run the entire cycle. Having said that proviron has very mild AI properties so I would still have aromasin as well. You could dial the dosage down though to 7.5mg-10mg/every other day as a starting point then adjust once you run mid-cycle bloods.

    You could add Dbol my thing is that dbol aromatizes so you are going to potentially mess with your estrogen levels for only 2 weeks. I wouldnt even bother to be honest thats just me.

    Yes you can gain in a caloric deficit I just wouldnt run a big deficit as you need calories to grow so if you cut them too much you will get fatigued and tired and muscle growth will be impacted. I find that intermittent fasting while on cycle is actually a great way to lose fat and still add lean muscle.

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    I would echo also that you should get bloodwork done. Three months is unlikely to have been enough recovery time from the last cycle. I wouldn't expect a whole lot in terms of gains while in a deficit, but it would definitely preserve muscle. While Proviron does have mild anti-estrogen properties, you will still need a proper AI at that dosing

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    So weird I posted a reply but randomly i get that must be approved by mods notice?

    No idea why it does that if my post doesnt show ill repost but essentially:

    1) Thats 350mg on average a week very reasonable dose and one I like. Var is fine and proviron is fine. Proviron isnt actually liver toxic so can be run all cycle.
    2) Dose vs caloric intake doesnt really matter as long as its not some crazy diet. Just need to make sure you are taking in enough food to feed your muscles as you will feel tired and fatigued if you are not giving your body enough calories.
    3) I wouldnt. Dbol aromatizes so you will be messing with your estrogen levels for only 2 weeks. Not worth it IMO.
    4) Yes. But again I wouldnt think in just a caloric deficit mindset. I find things such as intermittent fasting to be very helpful while not cutting my calories.
    5) Proviron has mild AI properties but I would still have aromasin on hand an start a little lower in the 7.5mg-10mg range EOD to start then adjust when you run mid cycle bloods

    Also make sure to run pre-cycle bloods to ensure you have fully recovered before starting any cycle if you want to make sure your HPTA is functioning properly.

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    Huh posted twice and says mods have to approve? P0N any idea why?

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    Thans @Pon. I did do labs. All was within normal limits except ldl 113 while hdl was 60. For this cycle I am adding cardinine, liv 52, methoinine, inonositol n choline. Supplementing with 4g fish oil per day. @Awm its my mistake for some reason i thought i used the wrong button to post a quick reply. Sorry for the trouble.

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    Thanks a lot for the advice. Do you think the liver protection is adequate. Also i am having the same problem @awm with posting.

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