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Thread: Cycle guidance

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    Cycle guidance

    This will be my 3rd cycle
    Planning to run


    Eq for 16 weeks 700mg
    Test 450 16 weeks
    Tren 200mg 4 to 14 week
    Anadrol 25 mg 1 to 4 week
    Winnstrol 30 1 to 4week and 15 to 18 50mg(as a finisher )
    Arimidex .5 eod
    Pct 6 weeks

    Hcg 1000iu 15 to 18
    Clomid 50/50/25/25/25/25
    Nolva 20/20/10/10/10/10
    Mk2866 4 weeks
    Post ct
    Organ st
    Aromasin 12.5 eod

    Blood work :

    Do I need to add caber or not since only running 200/week

    And was I have sarms on hand to should I run with cycle or bridge
    I have lgd s4 rad on hand.

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    Lol I’m a big fan of eq ruining it 3rd time
    Being following Dylan long time ago.
    So I do have experience with tren ace which I stop after following Dylan since it was in first cycle. Did it for 2 weeks all I had was I was emotional. But pretty much I can handle it.

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    age/height/weight/body fat?

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    Bf 14%

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    you sure you follow me bro? you would know i would not advised you to start cycling that young and dont really advise tren on a 2nd or 3 rd cycle... you do what you want, not really something i advise...

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    I do know that bro. I was planning to compete next year or so so was trying to get prepared. I can drop the tren. Or wait maybe I guess.

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    you do whatever you want, its your life man... its all a mistake... you already used far too young.. you going to make a million dollars competing? not likely... barely ANYONE makes any sort of money whatsoever so is it worth it to fuck up your life to POSSIBLY get a trophy? i dont see how thats smart at all

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    Gotchu bro.

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    not trying to be a dick bro, im just trying to help you from making the same mistake i see over and over and over again and you seem like a really good kid... i hate to see you fuck yourself up... so realize all im doing is looking out for you... i dont generally go back and forth with someone like this so im really trying to help you here... you do what you want, just know that someone who knows wtf they are talking about and actually cares, is telling you to at least think it through... sarms are a fine option for you at your age but steroids are honestly not wise at all... i would wait until you are closer to 30... you have no clue whats in store for you if you stay on this path...

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