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Thread: Cycle Guidancde

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    Cycle Guidancde

    Hey all,
    So I am looking to fine tune my cycle prior to starting. I've done a few previous cycles.

    15% bf (DR approved number)

    I did up my caloric intake I am at 2650 calories, high protein, low carbs (I mean low) and medium fats. I do take multivits and other stuff. I workout 6 days a week, 3 of which are 30min-1hr of cardio, I also play basketball with the guys at the local gym.

    Cycle: 12 weeks.
    1-12: Test P 1.25mg EOD
    4-12: Tren Ace .75mg EOD
    4-12: Caber .25 Tues/Thurs
    1-12: Arimidex .5 eod
    6-12: Anavar 60-100 mg ed Depending on costs

    PCT: Clomid and Nolvadex wks 14-18

    I know they say to take GW with tren but I assume the caber does the same. I can remove caber since I already have GW on hand. I also have been looking at the Andromix, 50mg test p, 50mg tren a, 50mg mast. I thought of using that as well but hard to find any cycle logs of it.
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    Am I reading that right? Anavar for 12 weeks? You cant run an oral for 12 weeks if you expect to keep from going into liver failure. Maximum time would be half that

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    13-16% ? There's a big difference, which one is it?

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    theres a huge difference between 13-16.. post a picture and we can help.. i hope that anavar time is a typo because thats DOULBE the amount of time you should use it

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    Yes, major typo I am sorry. I did edit the post. I'm fatter then I thought

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    yes your body fat is definitely too high right now to be using steroids... sarms are an option for you but definitely not steroids

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    I'm taking a cycle to help prevent muscle loss during my caloric deficit. I'm under 1100 calories a day. What SARMs are you thinking I should take?

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    if your under 1100 calories and your body fat is that high, there's clearly issues... you are likely under eating and slowing your metabolism

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    Okay, so what sarms should I take then?

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    it doesnt matter what you take if your diet is fucked up dude... thats the issue...

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