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    Hi Dylan. Just after your opinion on this for a cycle, ( i have done a couple but in saying that I'm always asking before acting)
    My age is 27 been training seriously for over 3 years consistently.
    Now the cycle i'm looking to run is dbol @20mg a day for 4 weeks.
    Mast E and Test E at 500mg each MAX. Cycle length will be 10 to 16 weeks
    What are your thoughts? P.S fuck tren that shit is awful.

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    age/height/weight/body fat?? goals?

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    What are you looking for from the cycle?

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    Basically just want to bust a plateau and feel good while I'm at it. Nothing too drastic i weigh 80kg and 170cm tall at about 14% bodyfat. I'm using masteron as i like it's effects and is a milder alternative to most others. Thanks

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    Forgot to say I'm 27 as well

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    you dont want something too drastic yet you want to run dbol? are you sure you know what you are doing? that makes no sense whatsoever

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    I don't find dbol drastic but yes it's powerful... tren was drastic for me and turned me off it for good...

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    dbol is extremely drastic considering how much size you will gain on it... if you dont find that drastic then i really dont even know what to say.. thats just not reality.. good luck to you

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    Drastic as in side effects as such i should have elaborated

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    so the question then would be why dbol with masteron.. what are your goals?

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