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    Quote Originally Posted by BreezeDav View Post
    The cycle is not bad, but what's about the age? Be careful, 22 years is not the time for steroids imho
    noone here is going to advise anyone at that age to use steroids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amiron View Post
    I am training 6 days a week and my diet it's so clean now cause i want to preper before I start a cycle to have some discipline . I don't really know how much is my body fat at the moment but let's say 15% thanks and well I know i am to young for that but I really want to try it but I need a good advice before I will do it.
    Your internal organs are still developing and are very vulnerable to the side effects of steroids. If you run a cycle you could do a lot of harm that could take months or even years to reverse. At your age your own hormonal system should allow you to pack on substantial size.

    If you don't still make good gains at the age of 22 it is just simply because your training and diet are insufficient. You've obviously gone past the easy noob gains stage and this is where the real work begins.

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    Try a test and No2 booster at your age man that will give u a lil something extra that you are looking for. But like everyone else has said to young for gear.

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