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Thread: Cutting stack help

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    Cutting stack help

    Hello, I've seen Dylan video about sarms stacks for cutting but I have a question
    I was thinking about going for the no PCT stack (Cardarine + SR9009) but I wanted to add two compounds to the mix:
    MK677 + Raloxifene

    Would that work?
    Ralox is for my gyno (not from PEDs, just puberty) while I'd add MK for its GH properties, is there anything I should be aware of that I'm not?

    My biggest concern is mixing Ralox + Cardarine + SR9009, MK isn't a priority rn

    If you were wondering I'm 6'1, 75kg, 2y training natty, 11-12%bf
    I need to lose the last % to be ready for MFW, thanks

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    this is still a non suppressive stack... the important thing here is just getting quality sarms... the cycle itself is just fine

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    What are the best SARMS sources as of now? I don't want stuff from china

    Would that be stupid stacking so much stuff?

    And what if I took Ostarine instead of SR9009? I just need something that is non suppressive and I can stack along raloxifene to reduce my gyno and lean me out

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    ostarine is slightly suppressive... you want cardarine and stenabolic

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