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Thread: Cutting comparison

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    Cutting comparison

    For this comparison, please assume I recklessly donít care whatsoever about the side effects of the chemicals involved. Assume 14%-15% body fat, age 30ís.

    What would be better (in terms of holding muscle, high energy, faster fat loss) for cutting purposes?

    TestP+TrenA+Winstrol vs S4+SR9009+LGD4033+RAD140
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    well using sarms is going to be easier to cut in general because they wont add the size steroids are going to add, so cutting down weight especially, sarms are going to be better... tren is obviously going to be excellent for cutting but at what cost.. .you CANT ignore the sides here because its so significant when you talk about stacking tren with anything, especially with winstrol and just cholesterol along with blood pressure is such a big deal with those two and thats not factoring in so many other side effects as well. lgd does not belong in that stack you laid out either, considering its a bulking sarm... gw, sr, s4 and rad is the stack you would go with for the most aggressive cutting with sarms

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    Iíve taken Tren E and Tren H before with no sides (above 700mg of Tren E Or 300mg of Tren H I had anxiety), but had fun with the positives. Very little movement on the tests for cholesterol, liver, kidney, or BP. Caffeine affects my BP more. The flu affects my liver more.

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    Ok, changed the intro

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