Are you pulling all-nighters? Do you have an underlying sleep disorder and is it amplified by your AAS usage?

Many of us are constantly chasing numbers, whether it's with the iron or on the scale and for some of us we're chasing numbers by counting the hours/minutes in which we sleep or don't sleep!

Let's share ideas & protocols in this topic that may better assist each other with achieving a healthy sleep schedule to optimize our gains and maximize our potential.

First, let's take a moment here and reflect on some important factors that outline and ultimately give structure to the entire lifestyle of bodybuilding and fitness..
If there was to be any terminology or reference that remains synonymous to you, I sure hope it would be the words "rest & recovery"..

With this being said, I would assume that most of you already know how vital it is with supplying our bodies with the appropriate macro nutrition,
timing with meals and as well as cardiovascular health..

On that note: Let's not forget the very importance of adequate sleep & recovery.
Sleep alone is more vital and should be more consistent than your training and the reality is it's far more superior than your supplementation and AAS intake.

In point of fact sleep is the "authoritarian of your gains"..

Would it come as a surprise to you if I told you that a lot of bodybuilders, power-lifters and athletes alike struggle with sleep disorders?!?!
Sleep apnea being the highest culprit on the list of disorders.

I personally live with a chronic sleep disorder that comes in a variety of symptoms and characteristics. Sleep apnea being the Uno numero, followed by a genetic predisposition to anxiety.
The combination of both can prove to be rather difficult with obtaining a steady and stable sleep pattern.
In many cases including my very own we sometimes rely on natural or prescription supplementation in attempt to achieve the desired state of rest, a "good night's sleep"..

Do you have questions or concerns on what you could do to improve your quality of sleep and your performance output?
Do you have any protocols or suggestions that you would like to share or recommend for others?

Supplementation, medication, relaxation or meditation... Let's hear your feedback!

My current program:
CPAP machine (Pressure 4-20)

Supplementation cock-tail before bed/rest:
1mg Xanax
750mg Gaba
10mg Melatonon gummies
2ius HGH (currently NOT on HGH but this is added to the cock-tail 80% of the time)