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Thread: COVID-19 Effect

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    COVID-19 Effect

    This pandemic is as real as it gets. It infects most of us, mentally at least. There are days when you feel taking care of yourself. What do you do when that happens? What motivates you to keep going?

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    Meditation, clear work out plans, staying connected to this community...

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    i dont know man... i have the same mentality no matter the situation but ive been in situations FAR more fucked up than covid could ever dream of being so that also goes a long way...

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    This changes nothing with my motivation or mindset, it just passed me off I have 2 work twice as hard 2 get back to peak condition, regardless we will make it happen by any means necessary

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    I have been fortunate enough to have found gym open during the pandemic so lifting and working out def helps.

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    COVID-19 Effect

    stay goal oriented. im not really in a bad state due to the pandemic, does it suck? yes, but i dont get down over things out of my control like that..

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    Just live life without fear. I am a ER/ICU nurse in FL and have had Covid patients since the beginning. I test positive for covid 8 weeks ago and the worst thing was losing my taste.

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    my heart goes out to everyone who have lost loved ones. a friend of mine, one of my closest friends had their brother pass away in the mid Atlantic from covid too. he was near someone who had it, and his close family got it too but survived. . he was only in his 30's and was in top shape. this thing effects people different, some people might experience nothing, some flu like symptoms and some will die. the problem is the way it attacks the lungs so your gonna take a beating as an athlete. be careful, stay away from crowds and make sure you wash your hands and wear a mask

    i work out at a private gym that is reopen and i go when there are least people and i make sure i wear a mask and wash my hands before and after thoroughly. if everyone does that then we will prevent problems. treat it like an STD, you don't go around spreading it to others, you wear a condom. it takes 1 dumbass to screw it up though which is why i avoid bigger franchise type gyms .
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    In Canada we are doing things pretty well I feel. It is not politicized here like it is in some other countries. Basically people follow the rules and we haven't had a single case in the region I live in over 2 months. It really isn't that hard to just wear a mask and respect other people.
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    It's good to hear that most of you are positive about this, as we all should be. Maybe, the first months created so much unnecessary fear. But as time passes, people understand that this is something we can deal with as long as we follow what is good for all of us. Some don't agree with wearing masks and all, but I think even though you don't want to wear one, it's a sign that you respect others as you diminish their worry of getting infected.

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