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Thread: Considering this cycle..

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    Considering this cycle..

    Age: 21
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 185
    Body fat: %16-20 (bulking season lol)
    Years of training: 5

    Previous cycle: 25mg/day of LGD4033 for 8 weeks with a 4 week pct that overlapped the last two weeks of the LGD4033. Ran this cycle back to back when I was 19 and ignorant. I now understand how this is a much higher dose than average and I regret taking SARMs as early as I did.

    Supplements: 5g creatine monohydrate/day

    Currently eating ~3000 calories a day w 1g protein per lb of bodyweight in order to bulk up before I start my cut next month

    Goals: overall aesthetics; I'd like to be around 170-175lbs with <10% bf

    So a friend and I rushed into the SARMs cycle above when we were 19. Although it increased my strength greatly, I regret going about it the way I did. I did not get my testosterone levels taken before the cycle but they are now at about 390 ng/dL. I know the average is 270-1070, but that is a considerably large window. Would 390 be considered low and if so, do you think over-dosing LGD4033 could be the reason for this? Anyways, I am going to take another cycle, but I intend on doing it right this time around. I would like to run test alone as my first anabolic cycle, unless it is too early to be running anabolics. If so, I would run LGD4033 again. Except this time, I would dose at 10mg a day for 8 weeks. I know there is a big difference between everything about testosterone and LGD4033, but which cycle do you think would be a better overall choice for me?

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    It's entirely too early. You have about 5 years left natty at least.

    And that's a huge range in body fat guesstimation. Which one is it? If that's your body fat even if bulking that you need to make some changes to your nutrition first.

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    You need to stick with sarms for now. You are too young for steroid use. Besides that, your bodyfat is too high for cycling at the moment

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    noone is going to advise you to use steroids at your age man... its quite absurd to say the least

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    390 does seem low at your age . I'm forty and my level is around 900-970 generally before a sarm cycle . Obviously everyones levels are going to vary so I cant say it was the overdosing that has your level that low as you have no pre-bloods to compare to, AGAIN why we preach pre- mid and post bloods people. You should not consider another sarms cycle for while and work out whether your T is low or that's normal for you......? AAS is off the cards for years!

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