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Thread: Complete Newbie...Have mercy!

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    Complete Newbie...Have mercy!

    Hey guys

    I'm a new member after stumbling across DG's videos on Youtube.
    I'm loving the forum, lots of really good advice and a great bunch of helpful and friendly members.

    I'm 38 and I've just got back into weight training after a long 2 year hiatus.
    I know for a fact I have high estrogen levels.
    I suffer the typical symptoms:
    Find it very hard to build muscle regardless of how hard I train, Sexual dysfunction (low libido, no morning erections, decreased erectile function)
    Enlarged breasts
    Enlarged prostate
    Abdominal fat
    Feeling tired
    Loss of muscle mass
    Slight depression.

    I was reading about about Aromasin.
    My question is, can I take aromasin on its own -without taking any other stuff, in order to rid my high estrogen.

    Please forgive me of my ignorance but your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You need blood work man…you can't tell from symptoms……..

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    Estrogen might be fine and your iron levels just low... privatemdlabs. com a full male hormonal panel to see what's what or simply a doc visit.

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    Bloodwork first and foremost. Its impossible to know exactly what's causing these issues without it. Check privatemdlabs.

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Agreed with above, ride the soul train to a blood test.

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    Hey guys
    Thanks for the responses.
    BTW 44 I'm in the UK so I don't think I can make use of privatemdlabs.
    I'll have to find a private doc because my GP is a complete waste of time, a really ignorant fool.
    Do I just look for an estrogen level test.?

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    You need a female hormonal panel these are good for both Women and Men this way you get your estrogen checked as well

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    I'm gonna get my blood tests done. And take it from there.
    So hypothetically speaking, if my results are high estrogen levels, then can I use Aromasin to reduce my estrogen levels?

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    Welcome to isarms bro. Glad to have you.

    As said, get that bloodwork done and proceed from there

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    Thanks RR.
    privatemdlabs got back in touch with me and offered the following tests


    Estradiol, Sensitive

    Estriol, Serum

    Which is the most relevant for me?

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