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Thread: surgical operation and sarms

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    surgical operation and sarms

    Hello everyone,

    I introduce myself I am 29 years old and I train for 2 years.

    I want to start a cycle of LGD to improve because I do not progress anymore.

    But I will have a jaw surgery in March and I will not be able to train or eat properly for 1 month.

    should I take a sarms during this month to avoid losing my muscles? if so can you help me?

    sorry for my English


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    you can use it during that time frame, yes, thats not a problem however it doesnt sound like you understand much of anything about diet and training to be honest and you have not been training that long... if you have only worked out 2 years and stopped making progress then you clearly have problems with your diet and training... you dont stall out in just two years of training...

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    i know i have not been rigorous with diet and sleep and i plan to work on it after the surgery. thank you for your honesty. what is the sarm I must take to keep my muscles and what dosage?

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    since I have trouble progressing after 2 years. I want to avoid losing my muscles do not start from zero

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    There are many sarms you can use. Mk2866 can help you retain muscle. What us your full stats? Also the biggest and best way to hold onto muscle is the right diet. Sarms cant replace a bad diet

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    I could not eat properly for a month. my jaw will not be warned. I am 1m88 94kg

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    i would go with mk2866 in this situation

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    Very informative

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    Ostarine is a perfect choice here. 25mg per day is all you need. This SARM was actually designed to treat muscle wasting diseases. I recommend getting some from
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