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Thread: Chlorella for blood clean abilities??

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    Chlorella for blood clean abilities??

    Anyone supplement with this? I have issues with my blood getting to thick and dirty I have to donate blood once a months and I feel like I might even need to go more then that. When my blood gets dirty I notice a shortness in breath and I am only on 125mg of testosterone. I notice the problem with my breathing happens the most through the weeken as I inject every Friday. Anyone have this issue? I started taking chlorella for the last two weeks and it seems to help. I know kidney health is an issue even on small amounts of testosterone.

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    never had that issue whatsoever but i d have plenty of experience taking chlorella... i use a chlorella/spirulina supplement...

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    I have always had that issue since I started cycling however it’s just recently gotten worse and like I said I’m only on 125mgs of Test. It’s really getting annoying as my cardio is very important at this time in my life. Thanks for the Link Dylan I’m going to swing by and pick some of that up today(thumbs up) is there anything else I recommend I take to help with the detoxifying of the blood? Hawthorn Berry I know is good how much do you think o should take?

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    thats really up to you... theres no set amount for that with hawthorn... i literally just stay on organ st year round and my values have never been better as they are now...

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    Thanx for the info man. I went and got that supplement you sent the link to and am now taking it. Is it possible that the Test I’m taking is the cause because I feel ever since I switched brands This issue has been really hard to keep under control and I’m only taking less then half of what I was taking.

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    no problem bro...

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