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Thread: Cheese for Intra-Workout Boost?

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    Cheese for Intra-Workout Boost?

    So just rolled into the gym for a relaxing Sunday session only to stash my keys in a cubby and see this....

    So I'm trying to wrap my brain around why someone would bring 5lbs of shredded cheddar with them to the gym and not have it in a fridge? I live in Florida not Wisconsin by the way.

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    Mmmm hot spoiled cheese😍

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Went to Publix.

    Went to the gym to walk around aimlessly and do some bullsihit ass backwards waste of time and space.

    Didn't want to leave the cheese in the car in FL.

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    Guy must be on a dirty bulk.

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    Its not even real cheese lol

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