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Thread: Cbbram shoutout!

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    Cbbram shoutout!

    I’m gonna be honest and say that cbbram was really patient with my hectic ass. I literally moved from Los Angeles to Massachusetts two weeks to date and I managed to place an order from cbbram. After placement I got to the post office and sent him the payment and then never followed up.

    Anyway, I was busy trying to get my business up and running (still working on it) and I got notified that the payment has been received. So I checked with cbbram to let him know but since he’s not heard from me he canceled my order. Luckily he came through and re-established it and today I received my order. Thank you cbbram for understanding.

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    Giad to hear cbbram looked after you. Moving from LA to Mass just as winter hits? You gotta be crazy. Best of luck with the new business!

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    Ha I thought the same but I had to get here and open up a private fitness studio before the New Years resolutions people start looking for help. Thanks buddy.

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    cbbram is the man bro

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    Thanks DG!. Yes indeed.

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    CCBRAM, IWG, all good dudes to do business with.

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    Awesome to hear bro. Cbbram is a damn good dude. Glad you were taken care of!

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    Glad to help as always
    BioTech Rep -Message me on Wickr messenger for a price list and ordering info. Wickr - cbbram

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    Glad to help as always
    Cbbram likes daily emails

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    He’s the best!

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