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Thread: Carpal Tunnel with Glotropin

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    Carpal Tunnel with Glotropin

    Hey everyone,

    I'm getting some pretty wicked carpal tunnel in one of my hands (but not both ~ at least not yet) index and middle finger mostly. I would characterize the pain as sharp shooting tingles when I perform certain actions with my fingers and it more activates when I curl my fingers in as in to grab the bar or make a fist.

    Does anyone have the same experience esp. with Glotropin? Hell I'm only using 1iu a day, and I'm like 2~3 weeks into a 4mo supply. I tried Serostim over the summer with no issues whatsoever. Went for Glotropin for the cost but... I donít know right now.. kinda scary.

    Is there any fix for this, and hopefully this isn't permanent. I read that you should back down your dose and see, but like I said I'm already a low dose. Should I go to 1/2iu a day? Would that even benefit me? Or should I stop all together? I'm in this thing for the long haul and not trying to gain size off this. I'm in it for the fat loss, healing and anti-aging.

    Lastly what causes this?? I read water retention, and I do tend to retain water on GH & test. I combat it with dandelion, potassium, and lots of cardio. Anything I can do here??? Unfortunately Dylan's video on the subject was taken down.
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    I recommend switching brands. My carpel tunnel was so bad with Glotropin I had to wear wrist wraps to train. I switched to other generic(s) and Serostim and I didn't have this problem anymore.

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    So did it go away after stopping? What kind would you recommend moving forward?

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    Yes it went away. Currently I am using Serostim, Rick Rock is running EUP HGH and he likes it.

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    That's a common side effect. I get it on all gh. Many people find pharmaceutical gh to be cleaner and less harsh with sides. I'd say back off a little but you are only running 1iu. You don't have anywhere to back off to.

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    One thing I can say for certainty with HGH is you get what you pay for.

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    Yeah the thing I have an investment in this. Not that any investment is worth my health. So do you guys think 1/2iu a day or 1iu every other day? Or scrap it and cut my losses?

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    That's up to you bro. I got good results with Glotropin but I switched due to the sides.

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    everyone is different... noone can tell you what to do on that one.. i know some people that are just like cbbram and cant handle it at all and some that really love it... you have to determine what you feel with it

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    Most side effects are temp, so I guess you have now experienced that. Good luck in the future!

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