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Thread: Cardazol Log Banned Nutrition

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    Cardazol Log Banned Nutrition

    First log ,was out of commission about 3 weeks w back injury.
    Took as directed
    First impression - Improved focus and energy.
    Total Upper Body weights supersets Chest and Back. Delts Traps -Biceps -Triceps , forearms.
    Finished all sets to failure no rest between sets.
    Approximately 60 min work out 8 sets per muscle group.
    Had crazy good energy no jitters, like other supplements.
    Smoked abs after w energy to spare.
    Over all positive things to say.
    Looking forward to next Training session

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    Following bud. Cardazol is nice. I'm running it as well

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    awesome brother, looking forward to your results!

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    Day 2
    Dosage 4 capsules - 1 each dose
    0:500 Upon Awakening
    0:600 Before Training
    Legs Supersets Quads -Hamstrings -calves.
    6 sets per muscle group -Approx 30 min.
    Jump rope and speed bag for cardio 30 min total.
    O:730 w post work out meal
    12:00 w meal
    Impression - Sustained Energy no crash like other supplements I have tried .
    Focused- Mental Clarity on training and work related issues .
    Appetite - Suppressed ,which for leaning out and cutting is great.
    Leaning out for spring summer so loving every aspect so far.
    Impression - Positive and looking forward to continued benefits.


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    awesome bro, thanks for the update!

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    Cardazol Log Banned Nutrition

    Week 2 update
    Work schedule is off this week so improvise on workouts.
    Today total body supersets
    Chest -Back
    Delts- Traps
    Biceps-Triceps - forearms
    8 sets each body part all till failure
    Quads - Hamstring- Calves
    6 sets each till failure.
    Abs pre supersets.
    90 min workout total .
    Dosage as directed
    Improved -
    Focus -Energy- not jittery.
    As I stated before appetites suppressed.
    Eating on schedule but not real hungry.
    Weight started 223 lbs was 217 lbs this am.
    Increased vascularity in Arms and Delts.
    Abs are coming around nicely w weight drop and using this Supplement.
    Overall impression is Great Product!


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    Nice bro, great update!

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    Week 3 update.
    Work schedule is jacked up so another total body weights session today.
    Been able to hit total body about every
    4th day and actually body is feeling good.
    Taking empty stomach 1 capsule and 1 capsule,before training ,rest as directed throughout day.
    Super sets all till muscle failure
    Chest -Back
    Delts -Traps
    Biceps -Triceps-Forearms
    8 sets
    Quads -Hamstrings -Calves
    6 sets
    Abs before workout
    Impression -
    Increased energy ,focus and less fatigue during weight training .
    Training sessions are approaching 90 min.
    No rest between sets and feeling great .
    Appetite is suppressed for sure.
    Forcing myself to keep on schedule with meals.
    Overall -Great product no jitters feeling great.

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    awesome bro, thanks for the update

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