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Thread: 5 week cycle

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    5 week cycle

    I used AAS before...... my coach is a doctor and gave me following cycle for 5 weeks...
    Test e- 300mg/ week
    Test c- 300mg/week
    Eq- 400mg/week
    Nandrolone blend- 400mg/week
    D bol- 15mg/ed
    Nolvadex on cycle

    And 1 week for pct...
    Clomid-50mg for a week
    Hcg- 2000iu for week

    What do you think about this cycle guys...
    Is it good enogh?

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    There are so many things wrong with this you must be a troll......

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    Bullshit... No one does a long ester cycle for 5 weeks. Fire your coach and take away his doctor license.

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    Whats wrong? Will uh please tell....

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    Ik eq takes 10-12 weeks for results....donno why he include eq in dis cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by imrushi007 View Post
    Whats wrong? Will uh please tell....
    Please post your full stats and goals and ask for a recommended cycle.

    BF %

    Cycle history and goals for your cycle. Don't leave anything out.

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    Age 23
    HT- 5ft 8in
    Wt- 136lbs
    I donno my BF%

    I did 10 weeks test e and eq cycle 2 months ago...
    My goal is to gain size and mass...plz recommend a good cycle and pct program

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    If you don't know know your bf% you need to post a pic. You shouldn't be using steroids if you don't know your bf%. 23 years old is too young to be running steroids to begin with. Have you had any bloodwork done recently?

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    My BF% is in btwn 18-20%
    No..No bloodwork done...

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    I did following pct for my last cycle..
    Hcg around 600-700iu/day for 2 weeks

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