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Thread: Cardarine and heart condition

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    Cardarine and heart condition

    there is a 24 years old girl who wants to do a cardarine only cycle(she never used any peds of any kind before). She has a wierd heart condition ...she can't withstand cardio exercises for too long cause her heart rate goes to ~165-170 bpm in 5 mins and in rest mode her heart rate goes below 55 bpm. She smokes and has been in the gym for ~3 years, she's quite fit ...around 17-18% bf i'd say. Would cardarine be safe for her?

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    I think the cigarettes are worse than the GW. I wouldn't recommend PED's to anyone with a heart condition but GW is one of the safest out there.

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    what exactly does one expect to happen when they smoke and try to do cardio?? she doesnt have a heart condition at all...

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    Her lungs are operating with smoke in them.... what do you expect.

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