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Thread: Bulking cycle

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    Wink Bulking cycle

    Hi all new to this forum
    Want to start my 2nd cycle that being a bulking one, test e,decca & dbol kickstart for weeks 1-4.
    Can someone outline the way i should take this cycle as im now debating whether to replace decca for npp, as ive read i. This day & age its alot better and with little sides you would get with the decca.
    So would like to know your thoughts and opinions outlining cycle plan along with pct and ancilaries to take during cycle. Thanks in advance.

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    Hello, give us your full stats before asking for cycle advice please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kael View Post
    Hello, give us your full stats before asking for cycle advice please
    Especially a bulking cycle...

    Contact me on Wickr Me mobile messaging app (cbbram) for 1 on 1 consultations for PED sources, questions, and cycle advice.

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    In for stattttsssss

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    We need your full stats experience and goals before we can provide you with help

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    Hi lads stats are as follow.
    Age 39
    Height 5ft 8.5
    Current weight 12st 2lb
    Bf 15%
    Last cycle in the summer was sus250
    Looking to add some mass then cut again for summer.

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    Buddy your bf is not really high but quite high for a bulk , and on steroids it makes it even worse..I would do a sarm recomp cycle if i was you ...or a sarm lean bulk if you really what more size.But a bulk on deca+dbol is a bit too much in your current shape...

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    i agree, bulking at 15% is going to end up putting you in a higher range, and possibly closer to 20%... that makes no sense whatsoever...

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    Ok lads i understand well what sort of bf% would you advise to get down to, too carryout a bulk as surely you expect to add a bit of body fat when bulking whether diet is in check. I wouldn't be looking to do a dirty bulk like some lads do, in order to get the cals in.
    I can just go back into a deficit again and maybe some clen to drop some bodyfat.
    What would your typical cycle be tho when doing a bulk? Got mixed reviews with people loving decca others say its dated now and npp is better with little sides. Im right in thinking with npp you have to pin more frequently as to decca can do twice a week?
    I will happily lose some bf but need to get my cycle sorted along with pct etc so need to plan in advance.

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    clen, really? come on man... the best steroids for bulking are anadrol, dbol, deca or npp... those are your best options... not to run them all but those are the best options... if its just your second cycle, test, deca and tbol would be fine... you can run dbol but theres a lot of extra water there

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