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Thread: Bulking and cutting

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    Bulking and cutting

    Sir i am ur subscriber.ur videos r just awesome and i learnt so many things from it.sir i am running my cycle of bulking for 3 weeks which consists of test e(250mg) tren e 200 mg boldenone 200 mg.master 100 mg per week.its my second week of my question is how far should i start my cutting cycle after bulking cycle.can i do it back to back(bulking and then immediately cutting)and then pct or should i do 1st bulking cycle.then after 3 months pct and after pct immediately cutting.plzzzzz guide me i m confused about cutting.thanks.ur hell will b appreciated.

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    you need to stop right now... you dont have any sort of idea what you are doing... please, stop right now and you wont have any issues.. what you are doing is very dangerous... using steroids and not knowing anything about them is horrible man.. just stop right now

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    Bro you need to stop right now, and do a lot of research before you think about AAS.

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    some of these make me call bullshit but I seen some really stupid people in this world.

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    Dude if you are a subscriber go back and watch the videos carefully. You should have more knowledge then that from watching Dylan’s videos.

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