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Thread: Bulk Off Season Cycle

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    Bulk Off Season Cycle

    Hey all,

    ive decided I want to try and put on some more mass for my off season. I've been sitting at 200-205lbs lean for the last 12 months. Highest I ever weighed was an unpleasant 220 before I shrunk down to 205 almost 2 years ago.

    I have never had a proper off season before to put on mass. I wanted to try and add some serious mass for once.

    Any advice on what?s best to use to try and get up to 220 over the next 4-6 months and keep it.

    I have never run test higher than 400mg/week. I have been cycling for a few years normally just test and every now and then adding in tren/winstrol for photo shoots.

    I have used Deca once but wasn't a huge fan of it even though it was a few years ago. I wanted to know if anyone would recommend it on a serious bulk.

    I was considering going either 400mg test + deca or even just 700-900mg test per week keeping it simple.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Age 29, 6ft, 200-204lbs roughly 10% BF - looking to get to 220 maybe 215 and be able to drop back to 10%.

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    you dont need anything crazy to gain 10 lbs in terms of compounds... you could go with test, eq and tbol... something like that would be excellent OR you could go with test, eq, s23 and yk11... that would be even better!

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    Test, YK-11, MK-677, GW-501516 gets my vote.
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    I think gaining 15lbs on one cycle is not likely without gaining a decent amount of water. My best cycles are where I can keep a good 2-3lbs of lean muscle and then do it again next time.
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    Everything above plus clear training and dialed in nutrition...

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    Be interesting adding in s23 or yk11 for this cycle as you could really benefit from those compounds has my vote if you go that route and add them in

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    Test, YK-11, MK-677, GW-501516 gets my vote.
    make that two votes

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    Once you get to a certain size, those 10 lb gain days are gone. You hope for a couple pounds in a cycle at best. With that said, my best gains are made with high test cycles which I run each winter, with a couple other compounds mixed in. Adding in sarms like Yk11 and S23 wouod help a lot as well

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