Thank you Dylan and SARMS4SALE for giving me the opportunity to run this new product.

Just some quick housekeeping, I interacted with SARMS4SALE rep on Sunday and had the product in my mail box Wednesday, so positive review right out of the gate. I also appreciated the demeanor of the Rep and that has always meant a lot to me. The bottles are professionally labeled and the dropper is glass with clear markings for dosages.

I've already done a lot of research on S23 and will be weaving it in to this thread, but for now just the basics. I will be starting out at 20mg a day, split in 2, AM and PM, because it is reported to have a 12 hour half life. By all reports this is one of the strongest SARMS available and research has shown it has a positive impact on increased lean muscle mass, bone density, and stamina.

Taking for first dose this morning and heading for the gym for legs.

Stay tuned...