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Thread: Buddha's SARMS4SALE S23 Log

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    Buddha's SARMS4SALE S23 Log

    Thank you Dylan and SARMS4SALE for giving me the opportunity to run this new product.

    Just some quick housekeeping, I interacted with SARMS4SALE rep on Sunday and had the product in my mail box Wednesday, so positive review right out of the gate. I also appreciated the demeanor of the Rep and that has always meant a lot to me. The bottles are professionally labeled and the dropper is glass with clear markings for dosages.

    I've already done a lot of research on S23 and will be weaving it in to this thread, but for now just the basics. I will be starting out at 20mg a day, split in 2, AM and PM, because it is reported to have a 12 hour half life. By all reports this is one of the strongest SARMS available and research has shown it has a positive impact on increased lean muscle mass, bone density, and stamina.

    Taking for first dose this morning and heading for the gym for legs.

    Stay tuned...

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    excellent brother... cant wait to see some s23 results!! great choice from the best company!!

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    Thanks for the the log looking forward to your results.

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    I've been told S23 produces results similar to Tren. Don't shoot the messenger but this is what I was told from someone that has experience with S23.

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    This should be an excellent log and we have very high expectations for you!

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    Thanx for subbing to the thread gentlemen. We can keep this in the model of an open forum so please ask any questions you may have. The research/science mods are already here, so I'm sure no question will go unanswered.

    I took my first dose Saturday AM and hit the gym for legs. The longer term results of S23 are fat loss and increased muscle mass, but I have designed a number of work out routines that will help me see the improvements in stamina. The way I do this is being totally focused on form. This is based very much on the Arnold mind/muscle connection with a lot of BPak tweaking for good measure. I am always working to refine my form with the understanding that the body will always try to find ways to make an exercise easier to do. This means that it may appear that you are increasing the weight as you drop reps in a typical pyramid approach, if other muscles are being recruited to accomplish the movement the target muscle can actually end it handling less weight every set.

    So the foundation of this is; initiate the motion with the target muscle, use strength to move the weight through the positive movement, squeeze at the top, and control the negative.

    I made notes of my weights yesterday as I moved through hack squat, extensions, curls, leg press, and calves (squats will be brought in in the coming weeks) with 45 seconds in-between exercises and sets. I experienced points of maximum effort but was mainly looking to get a base line in order to measure improvements.

    There may have been a little placebo phenomenon in this session, but regardless, I felt like I could have trained all day.

    I will be sketching out the routines for the rest of the body this afternoon and considering ways to cut some of the carbs out of my typical 5 meal a day diet.

    Just the beginning...

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    excellent... i always love your logs bro and there's just not a ton of s23 logs out there so im especially looking forward to this!

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    Excellent! We are really looking forward to this one!

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