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Thread: Buddha's Banned Nutrition Nutrozol Thread

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    Buddha's Banned Nutrition Nutrozol Thread

    So much appreciation for Dylan for giving me the opportunity to test out this new product from Banned Nutrition. Everything I have used from them up until this point has been awesome so I am looking forward to this one.

    I had to change my meal schedule to roll this in after getting guidance from Dylan. 1 capsule 1 hour before bed and 2 capsules right before bed, all without food.

    I will be starting this Monday and am looking forward to some peaceful sleep.

    I get up at 4:00 AM in order to get 1 hour of focused meditation in before the day begins (I am the Buddha) but I have noticed some shallow slumber occurring around 2:00 AM, so I have an opportunity to report how the Nutrozol impacts that.

    Let's do this....

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    excellent bro, really looking forward to your results! lets see a picture of that bottle too!

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    thanks bro... this is such a strong ingredient make up... i have high expectations on this

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    So, looking over the ingredients on the label and a couple things really stand out;

    GABA which can help lower blood pressure and decrease stress and anxiety.
    Fulvic Acid which is a strong antioxidant and can boost Testosterone in men.
    L-Ornithine Monohydrate which improves sleep.
    5_HTP which helps your body produce serotonin which can lead to lower anxiety and depression symptoms.
    L-Dopa which can increase libido and improve cognitive function.
    Add to this 3 mg of Melatonin and I'm getting drowsy just writing this.

    Tonight is lift off for this supplement cycle so I will have the chance to turn this cognitive understanding into experiential wisdom. The science shows quality sleep increases HGH and can lead to a more positive outlook on life in general.

    Here we go...

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    absolutely bro... its one of the best ingredient profiles ive seen out there

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    Thank you for breaking down some of the ingredients.
    They definitely packed a lot in one capsule.

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    So first night following the Dylan protocol on Nutrozol 677 and the experiences are undeniable. Normally I tend to have a waking period around 2:00 AM that can last up to an hour. Last night I had some shallow sleep around that time but then slipped right back into slumber. The important thing to note here is that I then experienced vivid dreams which means I was in REM sleep which coincides with the sleep state where HGH is released.

    So far so good...

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    thanks for the update bro

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