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Thread: Dylan Gemelli Banned Nutrition Video Log...

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    Dylan Gemelli Banned Nutrition Video Log...

    I am going to be doing something different with my log and actually make a video log. I will provide a weekly update on video that just documents my experience with the banned nutrition products.

    I will be starting with 3 caps in the morning of both, then 1 cap 30 minutes before my workout, then 1 cap 15 minutes before and 1 cap 5 minutes before. I am starting with the normal dose since Im experienced with all the ingredients in these products...

    I took my first dose this morning and one thing I notice is the laser focus already, which was to be expected and one of the main things I was looking for with this...

    Cardazol is more so going to be my favorite because as most know, Im a huge endurance runner and always look for any added boost i can get and most know, i like to stay shredded and cut year round so this is exactly my type of product... M1 MK has anti e and drying properties which also appeal to me so I am looking forward to this and have some good expectations from it... Mainly in regards to improving running time and cutting up nicely as well as seeing the laser focus I expect from it...

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    Excellent... Looking forward to it!

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    For sure following!

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    Definitely following bro

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    Do you have a link to the videos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetester1 View Post
    Do you have a link to the videos?
    He'll post the link when he's ready bro... Have a little patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetester1 View Post
    Do you have a link to the videos?
    no, it says in the original post i'll be updating weekly and this was the first post... there's no video log links up but heres the link to my youtube channel...

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    Gonna follow this one closely ...

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