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Thread: Bloodwork Question

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    Bloodwork Question

    Just finished a cycle of RAD-140, Cardarine, & Ostarine all at 20mg for 2 months. Attached are my bloodwork results. Appears that most things doubled, but main cause for concern ( I believe) is my estrogen. Pre-cycle was 30 pg/ml and post cycle was 70 pg/ml.

    I am currently on week number 2 of my PCT, which has consisted of a Test booster, Cardarine (20mg E/D), SR9009(30mg E/D), and clomid (50mg E/D). I just purchased some Aromasin from sarmsforsale to get my estrogen under control and was wondering what the effective dose/time period would be. I was thinking 12.5mg EOD for a week to see how I feel and follow up with more bloodwork.

    Appreciate any advice.
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    i already answered this in your other thread man

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    i already answered this in your other thread man
    Thank You!

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    no problem

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