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Thread: Hypo and Hyper responsive

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    Hypo and Hyper responsive

    Through trial and error, IÂ’ve realized I am hypo responsive to androgens (why I need more T during TRT to avoid low T side effects) and hyper responsive to anabolics. With that in mind, agents meant to encourage cutting arenÂ’t very useful except at high dosages, and anabolic agents are nicely effective even at low dosages. Are there some steroids & sarms that would be considered ideal for this type of body chemistry?

    I know everyone is individual, so I laid out some of my individual response. IÂ’m guessing many bulking agents would be nicely effective, but not sure about orals like Dbol and Anadrol.

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    im a fan of anadrol myself and not so much dbol but everyone responds differently and the only way to find out your response is PERSONAL trial and error

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    I wanted to like Dbol but I started getting terrible acne and my ankles swole up from water retention within 2 weeks. I also started getting red face really bad. All these are signs of increased estrogen. All this in 2 weeks just goes to show how fast the increase in estrogen was. After the 2nd week I decided to stop the Dbol.

    I ran Anadrol once in my younger years it's very powerful and effective.

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    Have you ran Anadrol and Dbol together? I read in a few places they are synergistic.

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    No I haven't...

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    It was referring to Dbol as a quality muscle drug, better at low dosages for longer periods of time. That taking Dbol and Anadrol together, but at lower dosages than when taken separately, leads to minimal sides but similar results as when taken separately. It pointed to further synergistic results when combined with decades and test.
    I think I’ll try that cycle next, make a log to see how accurate that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    Have you ran Anadrol and Dbol together? I read in a few places they are synergistic.
    It can be a great powerful combo, obviously running them at half doses each and not full doses.

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    its actually a combo that a lot of people have ran successfully however that doesnt mean you run them any longer than you would normally, which would be 4 weeks

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