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Thread: Blood test all normal - question about ‘iron’ levels

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    Blood test all normal - question about ‘iron’ levels

    Received the results for my blood work today (had the whole lot done) and everything has come back in the normal range. I’m curious though as my ‘iron’ results are all in the normal range but they are particularly on the lower spectrum especially ‘ferritin’

    I looked up the symptoms for lower ‘ferritin’ and I do get the occasional head ache, ringing in the ears and unexplained fatigue from time to time if I’m not working for the day and I wake up around lunch time but when I wake up in the morning I’ve never experience any of these symptoms.

    Creating this thread from my mobile and not sure how to upload a photo so I will type it out..

    IRON- 16.3 (10-30) umol/L
    TRANSFERRIN- 2.63 (2.10-3.80) g/L
    SATURATION- 25. (15-50) %
    FERRITIN- 90 (30-500) ug/L

    Stats- 187cm 95kg 23 years old
    (6’1 1/2, 210lbs)
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    you need to discuss it with your doctor... iron is very important and its something you also have to be very careful with... only discuss this with your doctor

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    Your ferrtin at 90 ug/L is fine. I wouldn't consider you low unless you were actually below 30, although some endurance athletes try to stay around 60 or so, especially runners as the pounding causes RBCs to die so they're in a higher need of iron to replenish.

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