The pain from the right side of my lower back to right hip area has been bothering me for several month. I currently am 3rd week into TB500 loading phase where I inject 5mg of it once a week. I can feel some improvement, but not significant. I usually constitute each 5mg with 1ml of Bacteria static water right before injection. I use 1inch 25guage 3ml and I inject into my right glutes muscle as I did with steroid.

However, this week and the last week's injection, I have injecting pain right in the muscle while pushing the syringe and I found a tiny bit of blood in the top of the syringe afterwards. The pain stopped right after all the liquid goes into my glutes. I dk if it is common that IM injecting bacteria water will be a bit painful or not, because it is my first time messing with peptides. After pulling my needle out, the blood really worries me. Did I hit a vein? I don't have such problem when injecting steroid into the same position(upper outter glutes) with the same needle.

Can anybody tell me is this normal?