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Thread: Blackstone Labs Founders Indicted on Steroid Trafficking Charges

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    Blackstone Labs Founders Indicted on Steroid Trafficking Charges

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    Wow...Very interesting article. I learned a few years ago money isn't everything. Never let the power and greed of money steer you to make bad decisions...

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    this is craziness

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    They were downright reckless...I'm not sure what other outcome there could be.

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    I don't think it's brauns first time.

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    There goes blackstone products and the company. They were already under the FDA watch and reformulated some products in the past.

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    Not surprised they’ve always been under suspicion and I have followed braun for awhile. Their super dmz 2.0 and Alpha 1 max was insane when I tried it. Huge gains!!! Then In 2015 FDA cracked down on them and they had to technically discontinue sale of them.

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    I saw something coming with them for quite some time due to the way they run that business. They pretty much asked for it to happen

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