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Thread: big libido problem please help

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    big libido problem please help

    Hello guys! After few months from full pct I still have low sex drive and no morning erections. I did blood work and all hormones are within range except progesterone (0,159-0,474) mine is 0,70 nmol/l. What could cause this and how to bring my progesterone levels back to normal? My last cycle wasn't harsh: test E, eq, turinabol. I realy want to bring back my sex drive and live happy life again please help

    26 yo
    workouts 5 time a week
    diet very clean and balanced

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    Define "within range". Did you do pre cycle blood test? You could still be way off YOUR natural levels even though youre within range. And you progesteron is obviously out of control....

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    are you sure that you were using eq and not deca and what were the values pre cycle?? that doesnt make any sense for it to be that high and it would take something to directly cause that

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    My bloods few months after full pct:
    Estradiol 78.14 pmol/l (28.0-156)
    FSH 2.28 IU/l (1.5-12.4)
    LH 4.04 IU/l (1.7-8.6)
    SHBG 29.34 nmol/l (18.3-54.1)
    Progesterone 0.70 nmol/l (0,159-0,474)
    Prolactin 188.30 mU/l (72.6-407.4)
    Testosterone 14.25 nmol/l (8.64-29)

    @LeUmas no I din't check my blood before cycle
    @DylanGemelli bottle says it's EQ but I don't know what was inside. I used Malay Tiger Boldenone

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    My friend gave me advice to take clomid 25mg for 40 days. He says it will help to increase testosterone and maybe sex drive. Does this is a good advice?

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    Proviron could be used tonlower progesterone and shbg which would most likley help! But your test levels seem low aswell

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    @LeUmas does proviron supress natural test levels and do I need pct after use of proviron?

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    I dont know all to much about proviron so I would wait for someone els to pitch in here with that said, its used in pct aswell so it should be minimal. But do some research on it mate

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    I would run some caber for a couple weeks to get your progesterone down. That is most likely the root of the libido problems

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    @RickRock can I take natural testosterone booster with caber?

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