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Thread: Belle The New Kid Cycle Log

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    Belle The New Kid Cycle Log

    Hey Y'all.

    I'm an ASF transplant that was looking for a board of refuge. ASF had gotten way too dramatic for me. I'm in the beginning/ramp up stages of my 3rd cycle. I have lupus, and have previously defeated cancer.
    I am 5'10", I eat very healthy. I'm cutting now, so I'm on a low carb high protein diet. I stay around 130p 60-80c and about 30f / day, with a cheat day somewhere throughout the weekend (clean cheat day minus the peanut butter cups).
    I was out of the gym previously for about 5 months due to health issues from myself, and then my family, but I am back in full swing now (for the last month or so I've been consistent 6 days a week).

    So the good stuff, cycle:
    15mg anavar per day split - 1/2 in the AM when I first wake up and the other 1/2 I use as a preworkout.
    3iu HGH per day split - First thing in the morning and then when I get home from the gym (around 6PM)

    4 weeks in I might add on primo ace tabs, but we will see how my body progresses. As a woman a lot of times less is more.

    My bodyfat is what you see in the pic for now (taken yesterday). I get my bf% measured in the AM, which I will post.

    Gym goals for this cycle is to increase my ROM for squats. I've got some pretty stiff legs. I know I can handle the weight, so right now it's just a matter of constant stretching and watching my form over weight. Cardio 4x a week (at least 30 min incline walk)

    I'm going to be posting pics at least once a week, if not twice. I've never split up a cycle throughout the day like this so I'm really interested to see where my body takes it and what the difference is between cycles. Please introduce yourself, call me out on my shit, follow along, hate me... whatever you prefer.


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    Welcome to the forum...

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    Nice to see a female here ,we have a few regulars but looking forward to seeing your progress. Great bunch of people here with alot of knowledge who will clearly tell you if they don't like or agree with something.

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    Interested in seeing your progress. Welcome to isarms! Let me know if I can help you with anything

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    welcome, great to have you... very very awesome to see what you have overcome and looking forward to your results...

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    Thanks guys! I greatly appreciate it!

    I have one of the handheld bf% measurement things. Took my measurement this morning and I’m at 20.8%. I know they’re not the most accurate, but at least I can use it to determine what direction it’s going every week.

    Did quads/leg day 1 yesterday
    Today is chest day.

    Im going to try to get some upper body shots today to upload so I can watch progress.

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    Welcome to the forum. Pretty new here myself. I looked at all the other forums and when I came upon this one it just seemed like the one. Same deal with a source it all lead to here. Looking forward to your progress.

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    Gl with your goals, will be following.

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    Some serious dedication which i very rare see from women , you do look like you know what you're doing. But don't you think 15 mg anavar and 3 IU hgh is quite high? i've never seen women going above 10 mg of var and 2 ui of HGH unless they compete.

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    Was the var from a forum source?

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