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Thread: Banned Nutrition Product Info...

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    IÂ’m finally about to give these a try.
    IÂ’ve been looking forward to it for a while.

    My training schedule is more ridged.
    I get up and train straight away, first thing in the morning I got straight to the gym.
    I checked back on my earlier posts, and IÂ’m not quite sure I understand what dosing protocol to follow. Apologies for asking again.

    If I were to follow the above and take everything before training I would
    Take 7 caps ahead of training pretty much all at once. Which seems like a lot.

    By dosing conducive to my training do you mean something like the below?
    take 3 caps when I wake up, one as I arrive at the gym.
    And then a few after training?

    IÂ’m assuming a bit of a spread across the day is more ideal.

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    That's seriously very helpful.
    Without getting misleading information across the web, I get it found here.

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    Just browsing around and looking for more info about how to use Cardazol, Dylan you definitely help me a lot with your threads bro

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    Great! That's very useful.

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    Should we not use this dosing protocol anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ampedup34 View Post
    Should we not use this dosing protocol anymore?
    you need to follow the protocols i just posted...!-54575.html

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