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Thread: Is this a bad way to stack sarms?

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    Is this a bad way to stack sarms?

    Hi Dylan, love your videos, they're very informative.

    Age 27
    Body fat %: Not sure, but low enough to see abs (it could be better, but still visible)
    Training goals: Gain strength and some size
    First cycle of any PED ever

    So my question is if I stack LGD 4033 and S4 together, can I use them such that I start LGD first and then add in S4 later on?
    EX: month 1&2: LGD, Month 3: LGD+S4, Month 4-5: S4
    Then mini PCT

    If it's not okay then it's no problem, I'll just use LDG 4033 by itself.


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    i would definitely NOT do that whatsoever.. you need to run them together.. you don't want to be extending your cycle longer like that..

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