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Thread: Aromatase Inhibitors

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    Aromatase Inhibitors

    I'm somewhat confused on how AI's work. I understand they bind to aromatase to stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. I was wondering if that means that using an AI on cycle would mean that you would have higher levels of test that can be used by the body since it won't be converting into estrogen.
    I have heard that AI can decrease the results of a cycle, I was wondering if using an AI on cycle would result in your body being able to maintain higher levels of test since it won't convert to estrogen.

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    Not using an AI is going to be far far worse for your cycle. Use an AI, preferably aromasin, and add proviron for the highest free testosterone levels.

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    thats just ignorant info that gets passed around... ABUSING an ai will crush your gains, yes... that would mean you crushed your estrogen but i assure you, if you let your estrogen get out of hand, you are going to be worrying about a lot more than "losing gains" bro...

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    A lot of people believe this and they always end up on the forum asking how to deal with gyno systems. Don't be that guy...

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