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Thread: Aromatase Inhibitors

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    Aromatase Inhibitors

    Hey guys just wanted to refresh/open up the discussion about the process of going about using AIs and their consequent integration into any Cycle.. For example Letro vs Arimidex and WHY one is more advantageous in certain regards vs others from experience, I have used Letrozole and have had little issues involving over suppression of Estrogen from what I could tell however want to be wary in the future of that as an issue/impediment to actual gains.. Also with Prami and Tren and other seriously volatile compounds the tried and true methodology of that as well, open question as well as any dialogue on the topic

    Somewhat new to the Forum, some experience running 1 Cycle cruising Test and a 4 mo blast of Deca and EQ total length of Cycle 10/11 months

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    11 month cycle? come on brother man. what's your stats? aromasin is king. letro is for Gyno, not recommended for an ai....tren n such needs Caber

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    I'm very concerned your running that reckless long cycle and just now asking about how to use an ai...

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    You need aromasin stat..arimidex will do if it's what u got but dex just treats the symptoms..aromasin is a suicide'll cut the estrogen down as well as improve lipids..arimidex can be somewhat harsh

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    I keep aromasin arimidex and letro all on hand during cycle. I take aromasin eod. Arimidex if needed(low on aromasin) and take letro if I even feel the slightest sensitivity in my nips

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    bro, i have no clue what you are doing running 11 month cycles but thats not only extremely stupid but just flat ass reckless... trust me when i tell you, you might think you are okay now, but you best be prepared for repercussion later.. i'll leave it at that... not going to argue about it... there's far too many know it alls that have to learn the hard way... unfortunately, you will be joining that crew

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    I was planning Blasting and Cruising Test with Blasts of other compounds and was put on this Cycle bun Bostin Loyd with the intention of running Test for the foreseeable future as the common knowledge outside of ISARMS is generally that Gains can't be kept post Cycle so the as you probably understand why the Blast and Cruise camp is existent.. Ideal? Probably not but AAS are rarely ever completely non deleterious to ones health

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    I ran that Cycle in 2013: May 2013-Jan/Feb2014.. I was well adept at answering the questions I had asked but wanted to get insight as I'd became rusty from this different school of thought outside of Bostin Loyd as my coach is who is obviously GUN HO with his compounds.. Like I said with Dylan's comment I am aware of the repurcussions and less than ideal approach to cycling as gins generally aren't maintained post-Cycle therefore running Test consistently until I thought what is this all for.. So if I do get back into AAS I want to do so diligently and not until I've dabbled with SARMS beforehand and try this Natural thing out further

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    That moment when you get gear advice from a 24 y/o that considers 12 grams of gear a week moderate

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    Bostin lyod? Lmmfao! that dude don't know Shit

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