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    Hi Dylan, I have been checking out your videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and being so open, honest, and straight forward.
    I recently started TRT and my level was 283. My estrogen was not checked before I started just thyroid and total test. I am on 200mg test cyp every 2 weeks but I pin 100mg once a week. I felt great but now feel tired and less energetic again. I have my labs coming up in like 2 weeks and I am going to ask to have my estrogen level checked due feeling a setback.
    I really want to start an AI but should I wait to see my lab results?
    Also what is the best source for blood work without doing going back to my doctor?
    Unfortunately a lot of doctors are just basic when it come to TRT. I believe I should be pinning 200mg a week va every 14 days but he feels what I'm on is high

    Thanks for any advice you can give

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    I would wait for your bloodwork to see if you need an AI. At 100mg per week, often times an AI is not needed. As far as the dosage you want, 200mg is the very top end of TRT dosages. This is generally for severely low T or non-responders. You can get bloodwork anytime at reasonable prices through privatemdlabs.

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    for bloodwork, use

    do not make any changes whatsoever until you see your bloodwork... you need to be very careful using an ai on trt because that normally is not needed and could have an adverse effect is you start to go after estrogen problems that are not here...

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    Well got my labs and only running 100mg of test a week. I pinned on Sunday and lab work 7 days later. My test level was only 325. Estradiol was 46 and total Estrogen was 95. Doctor said 325 test was good to be at the end of the cycle?
    Any thoughts on Aromadex by Sciroxx for increased Estrogen levels?

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    100 mg of test a week and your only at 325.. .thats not good at all... thats terrible

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    That is what I thought too. It was the morning of the 8th day. I thought my Estrogen was elevated also. Not sure what to do from here? More test will raise estrogen even more. I was referred to an endocrinologist.

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    then you need to go to the endocrinologist and have them start monitoring you etc..

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