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    Aod 9604

    What's up experts?

    Been a while since my last post, but I'm still out here. So I just came across this peptide: AOD 9604. It's supposed to be used as an anti-obesity drug. In layman's terms it's supposed to give you the fat loss like GH without the muscle building. Anyone heard of this peptide? All opinions welcome good bad or indifferent. Did a search on the board and no one seems to have posted on the topic already.


    - Scott

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    cant help you much there bro

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    This is new to me. I havent heard of it

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    Have no clue wouldnt touch it

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    Never heard of that one. What I typically run for fat loss is Cardarine + N2Slin. Pretty effective when you combine with diet and training obviously.
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    So I've done more research. Apparently Palumbo is backing it through titan medical. Not that I'm personally backing anything I AM NO EXPERT BY ANY MEANS.. just saying more info:

    Thoughts anyone?

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    no thanks coming from him ... thats up to you man

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    Back to report - 2 weeks on AOD 9604 from Titan Medical.... no noticeable change.. nothing. I am familiar with peptides, how to mix, administer, storage, etc. I know 2 weeks is nothing and on this board we know peptides are a long term commitment. So I'll keep going and report back every so often. But it's no miracle drug. I know that sounds like a stupid statement because we don't believe in miracle drugs on this board either, but just had to put it out there. When I discovered ECA 20yrs ago my body reacted like that was a miracle drug. For those of you have noticed the nutrient partitioning effects of Tren where you could eat a little more and get away with it... I'm saying you won't even see this. More to come. But right off the bat... not impressed.

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    yeah bro, i have CONTINUOUSLY told people now for several years that most peptides are not even remotely close to what they are cracked up to be and a huge pain in the ass to dose and deal with as well... fuck that

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    I just stick with sarms as I know they work every time the first time

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